The Gujaratis have truly perfected the art of vegetarian cooking. Even the simplest of ingredients are transformed into mouthwatering delicacies. Dishes that are also quite easy to cook.

Gujarat is known as the land of milk and butter. Obviously so, yoghurt and buttermilk are a part of the daily diet. While in Gujarat, a 'thali', literally meaning a meal served on a silver platter, is a delight you should not miss. An endless procession of fresh vegetables cooked in aromatic spices, a variety of crisp, fried snacks and an array of delectable confections typically appear in the 'thali'.

In Gujarat, during winter when green vegetables are available in plenty, a delicious vegetable dish called undhyoo is made using potato, brinjal, and green beans amongst several other vegetables.

The main dish of gujarati cuisine is the khichdi, a simple lentil and rice mixture. It is eaten with kadhi, a savory curry made with yogurt using bay leaves, ginger, chilies and finely chopped vegetables as garnishing, onions and pickle.

In contrast to the majority Hindus who are pure vegetarians, the Bohras, a community of Muslim traders, are famous for their non-vegetarian preparations

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