Mughlai Cuisine is the cuisine that comes from the kitchens of the ancient Indian aristocracy or the Moghul Emperors. This cuisine is dominating in the Northern part of India. It has strong influences of Muslim Cooking and some of the dishes still keep their Muslim names; kebabs, kofta, pulao, biryani. Mughlai Cuisine is very "spicey" and has a distinctive aroma and taste of ground and whole spices. These spices are easily available in Indian Speciality shops all over the world.

Having ruled over India for so long, the Moghuls left a deep and long lasting influence on Delhi's cuisine. The Mughlai cuisine is literally 'fit for royalty'. With it's rich sauces, butter-based curries, ginger flavoured roast meats and amazing sweets, it has captured the fancy of food lovers all over the world. From a tangy shorba or soup to the rose petal strewn kulfi, Mughlai food offers a rich fare that is irresistible. Although available throughout the country, the best place to try this royal cuisine is in Delhi.

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