Accommodation in India

Hotel & Guesthouses

India has accommodation to cover all tastes and budgets. In the cities you can find hotels and guesthouses in all ranges, from luxury to basic . The standard and prices can vary a bit from state to state or place to place and there is not always a coherence between standard and price. High and low season also makes a difference. However It is possible to get by on 2-3 £ (4-5 $) a night for accommodation, but that is normally the most basic variety.

Beach bungalow

Range from luxury beach front huts made of brick to simple, flimsy bamboo huts with only very basic amenities.

Room in a home

This is easy to find in smaller places where there are a lot of tourists. Goa has a lot of this. It can be very cheap.

Places to search for accommodation
A searchable directory with information on hotels, motels, B&B, guest houses, hostels and self-catering properties in India, classified by location and category, each of which with its own website.

City Accommodation
India City Accommodation features hotels with online reservations in India.

India Hotels
Affordable and Discount India Hotels & Resorts. Enjoy big discounts on a wide variety of India hotels and resorts accommodation needs.


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