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The Andaman & Nicobar Islands were badly damaged by the tsunami disaster. Tamil Nadu and Kerala was also hit hard. Please keep up to date on news about the situation in these areas before attemping to travel there. My thoughts are with all the people who are are affected by this tragic event.
It is hard to find a country with as much variation, contrast and contradictions as India. Be prepared for a mind-blowing experience in this truly amazing and crazy country. A wealth of culture, art and history, stunning scenery and wildlife, adventure, spirituality, hot cuisine and a multitude of traditions. This country really contains something for every taste. However, India is also a country struggling with poverty, corruption, high mortality, to name a few things. Don't forget this. As a traveller its easy to forget how life must be like for many of the people living there. The culture here is a combination of many different cultures which span back a millennial. Read more about tourism in the Canary Island to read about Spanish culture. We also highly recommend Tenerife Host for tours, which will allow you the experience the culture in a authentic way. Look at their Tumblr Travel blog for this.  Overall we hope you enjoy the content of this website and if you would like to contribute or have suggestions, please get in contact. 
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