India solo

Arambol - Sunday, March 03, 2002

Bad things are happening in Gujarat at the moment. More than 400 people have been killed in riots. There was even riots in the main cities of Goa on Friday. I was booked to go to Hampi (10 hours inland from Goa) on the nightbus yesterday, but because of all the instability in different parts of the country I abandoned that idea.

Instead I shifted up to Arambol, a small village by the beach about 1,5 hours north of Vagator. I think it is the safest spot at the moment. Got here yesterday afternoon, a very laid back place and nice atmosphere. Since it is the end of the season, its not very crowded either.

There is one thing I have not mentioned before because I thought it was just a few rare incidents, but now it has happened too many times to be ignored. I seem to bump into the weirdest most eccentric people all the time and they tend to be German (whatever that might indicate?!) The first one was a German man in Gokarna. He had travelled through South America on his own. For 3 days this was all he talked about, how he had felt like the main person in Joseph Konrad's "Into the darkness" and how he wanted to write a book about this trip. I mean its ok to mention this, but this was all he talked about for 3 days ! Its is a little bit odd, no?
He almost latched onto me when I decided to move from Gokarna. I had to pretend I didn't know where I was going. We went to take the same train to Goa, but in the confusion with all the people on the platform, I managed to jump into another carriage, so he didn't realize at which station I jumped off.

I also met a couple of other Germans who were also going on and on about their troubles What is their problem? Im not a bloody psychologist?

Anyway, when I got here yesterday I met a Scottish woman. She seemed cool and we went for a swim on the beach. Then she started telling me how she could see God's energy. She said she had this gift and that her purpose in life is to help people. She travels almost 10 months a year trying to help less fortunate. She even went to Tibet and also met the Dalai Lama. She told me she had cured many people. She really had some amazing stories to tell.I don't really know what to make of all this, but I do think she was telling some kind of truth truth, so it was interesting to meet her, but I mean she was definitely not the average person!

Then this afternoon when I walked out of my room I bumped into my neighbour. He was also German, after talking for a few minutes I got the feeling that even he is a bit troubled. He had spendt all day in his room because he had problems with some dreams that came to him when he was awake. I don't know, maybe I am weird too from other peoples viewpoint? Its just a bit funny how I seem to attract these people? I am almost becoming wary of talking to people now in case they start rambling on about their problems/visions/dreams or whatever?!
Well, nevermind, it definitely makes my days interesting and some of them are also very friendly people - at least the scottish woman!