India solo

Auroville - Thursday, January 10, 2002

I must be the most indecisive person ever!? As I mentioned in the last entry I moved inside Auroville to see if I could get a better image of the place, but after about a week I changed my mind about staying. I think I definitely need more time and money to be able to have a meaningful life here. So tomorrow I will move back to the village I was staying in before. I also have more friends in that area, than where Im staying now.

On Sunday Pongal starts, a big festival in Tamil Nadu (it has to do with the harvest and beginning of a new season). Here is a better definition taken from a web page:

"Pongal is a festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu to mark the harvesting of crops by farmers. Held in the middle of January, it is the time when the people get ready to thank God, Earth and their Cattle for the wonderful harvest and celebrate the occasion with joyous festivities and rituals".

So I will probably stay here for that. Then I will see, maybe I feel like moving on soon?! By the way I got more animals in my room, in addition to the two frogs, yesterday 3 lizards (geckos) came as well at least I cannot complain about being lonely.