India solo

Back in Delhi again - Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Im back in Delhi again! I came yesterday afternoon after 36 hours on the train from Goa. The train trip was a fun though. For once I was not alone, but travelling with Andreas, also from Germany (the Germans must travel a lot, I always seem to meet them?!) I met Andreas after a few days in Arambol and after that I did not even have time to update my travel diary. We had a fantastic time there :)

We explored some great places and even made a small bonfire one evening on which we tried to make home baked bread! It was not extremely successful, but still very fun!

I also had a bad experience with dogs in Arambol. One night when I came back to my room 3 dogs surrounded me. Of course I panicked a little and tried to move away. Then I felt one dog bite into my leg. Luckily it was not too hard, it just scratched the skin, but it made some nasty blue marks and I was very sore. The owner of the guesthouse told me to take a tetanus shot in case of rabies, which I did, but apparently the dog did not have rabies so I should be fine. Not a very nice experience though.

Anyway, I don't think I will write much more the coming days. Im going back to London in a week and then to Norway after a few more days. Im both sad and happy about going home now. But the trip has been a really good experience, both good and bad. I think India is the most paradoxical country to travel in. Some people say you either end up hating or loving it, but I think I actually both hate and love it at the same time!

Well I guess this is it then, I haven't been very good at updating the diary the last month, but some experiences are not always possible to write about and some things are too personal, but I hope it has been interesting enough for those who cared to read it. Even though it might sound a bit negative at times. Namaste!