India solo

Back in Norway - Thursday, April 11, 2002

This will be my last entry. Im definitely back home now. In London I was sooo busy working that I didn't have time to think. However on Sunday around noon I arrived back in Norway and now I feel a bit lost. It was strange walking through the city centre the day after I got back. It was completely deserted.I felt like I was walking through a ghost town?!

In one way it was nice not having people hanging on to your leg begging for food or money or people running after you trying to sell you everything from toilet paper to marihuana. There was also no need to go slalom between cows, rickshaws, scooters and hordes of people or having my ears deafened by the sounds of hundreds incredibly loud horns, people coughing up phlegm like they were about to die, cows burping, the chai whallas constant chanting ("chai-chai-chai..."), the smell of everything from cow dung to fresh fruit or spices or just plain fact the town was frightfully sterile. It was certainly peaceful, but when I think about it, it looked and felt almost dead. Lets hope it is because of the Easter holiday!

I think I will miss the complete chaos of an Indian town though, although I probably hated it when I was there in the middle of it all! Strange but true, I guess this is how India makes you feel. Very alive, all feelings are in the extreme, something which can be very exhausting at times, but when it is all suddenly gone I realize everything else suddenly becomes a little bit dull?!

Anyway, I better get used to it since I will be staying here for a while now, as far as I know. In some ways there are also good things about living in Norway which I will appreciate so much more after having experienced a bit of India. Although all that comes to mind just now is the clean air. I'm sure there must be more. Well, if I miss it too bad I can always travel back later :)