India solo

Bed bugs feeding frenzy - Thursday, November 08, 2001

I saw the Taj in sunset last night, really amazing! If it hadn't been for all those damn mosquitos I could have watched it for hours. I still haven't been inside though. I will wait till Abishek comes, it is too expensive to enter twice. After my Taj viewing I went back to my hotel, but realized that I had ended up in an extremely shitty place. I still don't understand why on earth I said I'd stay there. It was a cramped, dark room, no fan, no real possibility to stick up mosquito net, disgusting bathroom (it was a 1 sq. meter with dirty, molded walls and hole in the ground) and the bed was full of BEDBUGS (well, that I discovered this morning when I woke up, realizing I had been the victim of a massive feeding frenzy). One arm is completely covered with small red spots and so is my face. I look like a freak! Argh and it itches like crazy! I have just been to the pharmacy and equipped myself with all kinds of remedies for both bedbugs and mosquitoes.

A piece of advice, don't stay at Hotel Akbar Inn. I have now moved to another guesthouse which is soooooooooo much nicer. I rather pay a little more for a better place, than getting eaten up by miscellaneous insects!

Agra is the most frenetic place I've ever been, if you ever thought you were hassled by people in Delhi, then try Agra and Delhi will seem like a walk in the park. I thought maybe my freak look would keep them at a distance from me, but to no avail. Even complete ignorance does not work here, nor does screaming your head off telling them to "fuck off", actually I didn't really do the last thing, although I was very tempted. One thing that did work on occasion was to say "Jao!" with a loud, fierce tone and a crazy eyed look. It means "Go away!" in Hindi.