India solo

Carving in Mahabilapuram - Sunday, January 20, 2002

Believe it or not, but I finally managed to leave the Auroville area. I caught an express bus to Chennai together with Fabian, he was going to Chennai to catch the Trivandrum train. We thought the same bus also went to Mamallapuram. However it was not supposed to stop there, this I found out after about 1/2 hour!? But the conductor told me he could drop me on the highway and from there it wasn't so far to walk in. So it turned out well.

I arrived late Friday afternoon and checked in at Ramakrishna Guesthouse. In the reception I ran into a Norwegian couple, Emil & Anne. I met them again a bit later and we went to have some chai (tea) and beer.

They had just arrived in India and was a little confused by it all. It was nice to meet Norwegian people, apart from Hege I haven't really seen any Scandinavian people at all!?

Next morning I went to have a look at some old temples and stone carvings (this place is famous for stone carving). While I was wandering around I met Mohan, an Indian guy who tried to sell me some stone carvings. I decided to come along to his workshop to have a look and I was also allowed to try it myself. It was really fun. We went and sat up on a high hill with view of the sea and I carved my own little face to use as a necklace.

Today I went to do some more carving. I also bought a carving knife and some small stones, so I can practise while I travel.

Just now I went to have some lunch and while I was sitting there, Hugh (a guy from New Zealand, who I met in Auroville) came. He had arrived here last night. We had lunch together and will meet for dinner later. It is fun when you start meeting people you have met in other places.

Tomorrow afternoon I will go to Chennai to catch the 7 pm train to Trivandrum. Another long train journey, 20 hours. By the way, the longest trainjourney in India is 72 hours from Cape Comorin (the very southern tip) to Jammu (in Jammu & kashmir in the very north).