India solo

Chennai - Wednesday, December 19, 2001

I Arrived at about 7.30 this morning after spending about 34 hours on the train, but it was very comfy since I splurged and travelled 2.class AC. When I got here, Ravin (another person I met through a travelsite), met me on the station. He was very helpful and had even booked me a room in a cheap hotel. I went there and relaxed for a bit and had a shower. It is quite a change from Delhi to come here, both the people, the landscape and the climate is totally different and the cars don't honk the horn so much, which is a big relief.

Since Ravin seems like a good person, we decided to travel together for a few days (depending on how it goes). This afternoon we went to the cinema and saw a Hindi film (a new release) Kabhi Kushi, Kabhi Ghame. It was 4 hours loooong. But kind of hilarious, it just takes completely off in certain scenes. I think I had my dose of Hindi film with this one tho'.

By the way, after the train journey I felt sick, Delhi Belly or something, but we got some Ayervedic medicine and now it feels like I am already cured.

Tomorrow we will go to Madurai and Kodaikanal (most likely spend the Christmas there) then I will head to Pondecherry and Auroville (a bit of a backtrack, but nevermind. No further plans than this at the moment!

Oh, I forgot to tell that on Sunday I went to a book marked in Old Delhi (Darya Ganj) with Pallavi (a girl I met on a drawing workshop last weekend). It was really good, all these people spreading all kinds of books and magazines on the pavement. I even saw a Norwegian weekly magazine (Hjemmet, for those who know)

We took the local bus there, something that was an experience in itself! There is one cool rule though and that is that woman have reserved seats, so we could just ask any men to get up and they would have to give us the seat. They were so clingy anyway, so it serves them right!