India solo

Cockroach feast - Tuesday, February 26, 2002

The other night I saw a pretty big (4 cm) cockroach on the floor. It was lying on its back, wiggling its feet. I really do not like these creatures, so I dropped my shoe on it. Im sorry if this sounds cruel. Since I didn't want to touch it, I just swept it as far under the bed as I could. A few hours later I suddenly noticed the cockroach on the other side of the room? I didn't understand how it had gotten there, since I was so sure that I had killed it.

So I went to have a closer look. It was slowly moving, being carried by an army of a few hundred tiny ants. Yuck! But it was really amazing to watch how they managed to move it, they had at least transported it 2 meters! The next morning hardly anything was left of the cockroach, so apparently the ants must have had a massive feast that night.

Today I went to the beach for a while, but after a few hours it got too hot, so I thought I would go and have a look at Chapora fort. Itt is perched on the top of a hill just above the beach. Don't ask me what I was thinking going up there is the maddest heat of the day. Halfway there I thought I was going to have a sunstroke, but I managed to get to the top and find a small shadow to rest in.

The views from there was fantastic, but it really was too hot to enjoy it for very long.
I decided to go down on the other side of the fort, since it wasn't as steep as where I went up. This was good, but when I got down on the other side I had no clue where I was and my brain was frying.

I saw an Indian couple and asked if they knew the way back to Vagator. They were very friendly (newly married) and offered me a lift on their motorbike back to Vagator main road. 3 people on one bike was no problem - normally Indian style is 5 people on one bike, even on a small scooter!

On Sunday Nishant, the friend from Delhi came down. We celebrated my birthday together which was very good. We also rented a scooter and went to all the beach places around here. Anjuna, Baga, Calangute, Candolim, it was fun! We also met up with soem other friends of his from Delhi. We went to some of the party places, Primrose, Nine Bar and some other places. Techno and drugs seems to be the thing here. It was pretty cool, but felt a little left out at times when not on drugs myself.