India solo

Crazy cow? - Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Hmm....what to write? You know, last night I was standing next to the main road just outside the place I live, waiting for some friends to pick me up.

I was just watching all the people and the mad traffic when I suddenly noticed a cow walking across the road as calmly as if it was walking across a peaceful meadow In reality 5 lines of cars, trucks, buses and bikes where screaming past. I had actually been watching the cow get half way across the wide road before it hit me that I really didn't take any specific notice of the cow. I mean if this had happened anywhere else I would definitely reacted as soon as I saw the cow, but now it was just part of the complete chaos. Its a bit weird how fast one gets used to things?!

Well, the friends came and picked me up and we went back to their flat. There was quite a few people there, so we had some drinks and just talked for a while. Since Delhi is such a dodgy place to get around in at night most people stayed over in the house. We spendt a loong time trying to figure how how to fit everyone with enough blankets. It is winter time here now and it is getting quite cold at night. I have to wear a jumper.

Today some of us slept in for a bit, then eventually I got a ride back to South Extension. There I had a shower, then went with Jessies sister, Nikki and her boyfriend for a little drive/shopping in the center.

I will probably leave for Madras on Sunday night. A 34 hour train ride....ugh....that is really looong!!!