India solo

Dharamshala - Saturday, December 01, 2001

I came here Thursday morning after taking the sleeper train from Delhi to Patangkhot (10h), then a 3-4 hour bus ride up to McLeod Ganj. The road from Dharamshala and up here is the steepest, most windy and narrow road I have ever been on. Every 100 meters there were signs on the road saying things like: "Better late than never", "Go slow, save a life, it could be your own", "Dangerous turn, go deadly slow" etc...

I was pretty relieved when we finally got to the top! However it was really worth it. The views here are great and the people seem so much friendlier than elsewhere in India. There is a lot of Tibetan people here too, as this is the residence of the Dalai Lama (however he is not here now, apparently he is travelling in Europe). Anyway, this is where the Tibetan Headquarters is and where most refugees come if they run from Tibet. There are lot of refugee schools and projects for Tibetan's as well.

The first day and night here I was a little miserable, it was damn cold and I felt lonely after having left Delhi and my friends there. However the next day things got much better again. I went for a walk to find somewhere to have breakfast, when I ran into Caroline and Matthew from Canada (Quebec), they had been on the bus with me the day before. So we had breakfast together, then went for a walk around the Tibetan Monastery. Later we had lunch and also signed up for an Indian cooking class that we will be doing later today.

In the afternoon I went to see Harry Potter in the video hall, I went on my own since Matthew were still reading the book. The quality of the video was very bad, but I got most of it and the film was a good enough. Later in the evening I was looking for somewhere to have dinner (haha, from this entry it seems like all I do is looking for places to eat)

I wasn't sure where to go, so I strolled around for a while. I then met Dan from Canada and Amy from the US (Washington) they were also searching for a place to eat and invited me along. Great people by the way, they had been travelling for about 7-8 months, first in Europe and soon they are heading over to Thailand/South East Asia.

This morning I also moved Guesthouse to somewhere nicer and cheaper:) Not sure what my plans are for today, but at 3 pm I will be doing the cooking course.