India solo

Driving rickshaw - Wednesday, January 26, 2002

Last evening when I was looking for somewhere to eat, I ran into a Swedish guy. We decided to have dinner together. After dinner he was just going to show me a bookshop, when this rickshaw guy offered us a free drive (very unusual?) We even got to drive it for a little while. It was fun!

Today I went to have tea in the Art cafe and met Susi, a girl from Austria. She is travelling around on a motorbike by herself. I was very impressed! She said it was no problem at all. Actually she said it was very nice to avoid the hassle of travelling on the overcrowded buses and trains. Im going to meet her for dinner later. I haven't done anything else very useful today. Have mainly been relaxing, drinking tea and reading:)

I am going to see a Kathikali performance at 5 pm. It is a traditional dance from Kerala. Very visual. Should be fun!