India solo

Finally Delhi - October 29th, 2001

I'm still alive and well. There was no problems with the flight. No hijackings or scary incidents (Kuwait Airways seemed great to me!) The flight from Kuwait to Delhi was a bit crowded though and about 99% were Indian men. Apart from a British couple I was the only other western girl, but it was no problem at all.

The flight was also a bit delayed. I had arranged to meet an Indian girl, Sonal, at the airport. I met her through this website:

Since I was so delayed I had no clue where she would be and if she was aware of the delay. Luckily I had her mobile and a kind man working at the airport gave me a few coins to make a phonecall. Sonal answered straight away (puh) and told me to stay put. She would be on her way in a few minutes. In the meantime I waited outside the main entrance where I became the object of desire among the millino of taxi drivers looking for passengers. It was all a bit overwhelming, but I tried to retain my calm by looking a lot at my shoes! After about 30 minutes Sonal and her boyfriend (Apu) came. Ii was pretty relifed then or actually extremely is a better description!

Finally in the car we headed towards Delhi and to Sonal's flat in South Extention. We were all very tired (my flight came in very early in the morning), so when we arrived at the flat we all collapsed on various sofas and beds. By the way, Sonal was very nice, funny and friendly, so I was so happy to meet someone like that when I arrived. I think it eased the normal shock people get the first time they arrive in India.

Around noon Sonal took me to a really nice restaurant, where we met up with some friends of her and had a great lunch! I also met Sally there, a British girl who I have mailed a few times and met up with in London. She had arrived a couple of days earlier. We are planning to travel together for a bit.

Later in the day we went to an open air handicraft market (Dilli Hat), where we wandered around for a while. In the evening Sonal dropped Sally and me off at a friend's house. His name is Peter, he is Australian and works in Sonal's office. Because Sonal have her whole family visiting, both Sally and me will stay in his house for a few days.

Today, Fritz, Peter's driver took us to Old Delhi (I know this sounds all a bit luxurious, but we were very happy that he would actually offer to drive us). Old Delhi was pretty mad. We saw the Red Fort from a distance and the Friday Mosque, but we didn't go in as we just wanted to have a look around and things was a bit overwhelming!

A really keen rickshaw driver kept pestering us about going on his rickshaw and eventually he also started nagging about his shop (of course!) It was almost impossible to get rid of him, so we decided to come with him to the shop, just so he could leave us alone, which he then did (of course we didn't buy anything ;). Then we walked for hours (it felt like it anyway) towards Phahar Ganj. This is where we are now and this is also definitly the travellers hangout. Well, I think I'll be off now , I need to find something cold to drink before I evaporate! It is hot and knackering to walk in this city. So bye for now...