India solo

Gurdwara & Connought Place - October 30th, 2001

Yesterday was pretty hectic, it felt like we walked for miles and it also feels like I have been here for weeks and I have only been here 2 days!! Very weird.

Anyway, about yesterday. In the afternoon we went to Connought Place, because we wanted to see this Sikh temple (gurdawara) nearby, that was supposed to be worth visiting. However we could not find it for a long time. In the end we met some Sikh men and they were actually on there way to the temple so they let us come along, they even got us in through some kind of back entrance.

I didn't really know much about Sikhism beforehand, but from what I learned there it sounds like an interesting religion/philosophy. They believe that all religions worship the same God and seemed to believe in human equality, despite of race or religion. Well I don't remember exactly, but I got the impression that this was the essence.

Even the traffic light tells you to relax - this is India !

We were really hungry after all this walking business, so after visiting the gurdawara we went to this really 'dingy' hole in the wall cafe. Although it looked like you would die from dysentery just from sitting down there, we sat down anyway. The food was actually good and we didn't get far :)

Actually I would like to get out of Delhi soon, because it is a very hectic, crowded and polluted city. However since my Visa card was stolen in London, I have to either wait here for a new visa card to arrive or travel and then return to Delhi in about a weeks time to pick it up. I have called the Norwegian Embassy and asked if they got any post for me, they told me it should arrive in a few days, so I have decided to wait a bit more. Oh, time is running out and I don't want to spend all my time stuck in an Internet place.