India solo

Insane traffic - Tuesday, November 06, 2001

I am so glad I decided to stay on in Delhi for a while, it has been really interesting. The last week I have been staying with Nishant (another friend here) and 2 of his flatmates (Jessie & Abhishek) in their flat. They are great people :)

Actually every person I have met so far have been so helpful and hospitable (well apart from the people downtown tryign to scam the life off me) I hope I can return the favour later in life to either them or others. Unfortunately I haven't got time to write about all the funny/weird things that is part of life as a foreigner, but I am getting used to the chaotic traffic and I am amazed by how well it works in spite of how unorganized it looks.

The first time I took a rickshaw I thought I was going to die about 3 times during a span of 20 minutes, but somehow they have become experts at avoiding hitting each other so now I am pretty relaxed about it.

However one evening I was going to a cafe with Nishant and the only transport he had was an Enfield. It was terrifying sitting on the back of this bike through the madness that is called traffic here.

Me pretending to ride the bike

Anyway, I haven't really done much more sightseeing here lately since I get a bit annoyed with everyone hassling me as a tourist, so I have spent most time helping Sonal with some design stuff or just hanging around with the few friends I have made here. I have also tried to figure out if the embassy have got my things or not, but making a phone call from a lot of these STD booths is such a pain and when I finally get through they are always in a meeting?!

And there is always at least one guy on the phone next to me shouting at the top of his lungs in Hindi to the person at the other end, in addition there is the usual hustle and bustle of traffic and people chatting in general. So it is almost impossible to hear anything if you actually get through to wherever you are calling.

I am getting a bit sick of calling the embassy all the time, so now I'm just going to go away for a few weeks (Agra tomorrow morning) and hopefully my things have arrived when I'll get back (unless the courier company is planning on bringing it from Norway by foot that is :)