India solo

Kafka nightmare - Wednesday, November 07, 2001

I just arrived in Agra a few hours ago. I'm still a bit perplexed by all the hassle, so I escaped into an Internet place for some cool, peace and quiet! I had a painful experience with Indian red tape at the train station earlier when I wanted to cancel my ticket to Jaipur. What a process....Kafka style! Instead of Jaipur I'm going to meet up with Abishek (one of the guys I lived with in Delhi) on Saturday and we will do a little round trip to Gwalio and hopefully be in Varanasi for Diwali.

Don't bother trying to refund your tickets unless you are Buddha - you will need oceans of patience. Well at least according to my experience. I foolishly thought it would be done in a couple of minutes to get my money back. But nooo way. After standing in the wrong lines for a while I finally got to the right window only to find out that I had to talk to another man, I don't know what he was, but I had to follow him to another office. There I got a form (2 pages A4) to fill out. When finished he tells me that they will send this to a special office and i needed to put down an adress in India and then they would send my money there (the process would take 3 months he also informed me!). Haha..if I knew about this complicated process before I would never had started it, but once caught up with it I followed it through. However I never saw these money ever again! It was not a lot of cash, so I dont mind, but it was funnyto see how extremely compicated they are able make such a simple thing.