India solo

Kanyakumari/Cape Comorin - Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Im now at the very southern tip of the Indian continent. Three oceans meet here; the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. It's about 5.30 pm and Im about to go and see the sunset and moonrise, it supposed to be very fantastic here!

I came here last evening about 6 pm. My train from Chennai reached Trivandrum around noon, I then had to wait for a connecting train down here at 3 pm, it took 2,5 hours to get here.
Its not a beautiful town at all, but there is a nice temple here and The Gandhi Memorial where an urn containing the Mahatma's Ashes are kept. It is called the Vivekananda Memorial and lies on a small island. There is a boat service there, but of course I missed the last boat out today. Maybe I will try to go in the morning before I leave this place again. It is not very much else to do here. Its a pilgrimage town, so there are busloads of Indian tourists, not so many foreigners.

I was planning to see the sunrise this morning too, but I must have been way too knackered after the train journey, because I slept till about 10 am. Not quite sure where I will go tomorrow, maybe Varkala Beach, but have also heard about some other beaches further north, so I might just skip Varkala and go straight to Kollam and the backwaters instead? Time will tell I guess.

Uhm (one hour later). Im back, it is cloudy and about a million Indian people crowded together on the small area where you can watch the sunset. So I left after a short while. Not my lucky day Anyway think Im just gonna leave tomorrow morning, the sooner the better.