India solo

Meeting Norwegians - Sunday, January 20, 2002

Yesterday I met even more Norwegians. After lunch I went to an Internet cafe for a while. There I met Lana, an American girl. She told me two of her friends where Norwegian. They came a few minutes later and we went to a cafe where we had some tea and talked a bit. All 3 of them had been doing volunteer work and studies in Kerala for several months, but the 2 Norwegians (Cecilie & Trond) are flying home in a few days and Lana is heading to Hampi.

In the evening I went to meet Hugh and a Swiss/German girl (Sarah) also came along. We went to an Indian place and had Thali / Dosai. Only 13 rupees, thats like about 2.50 Norwegian kroner. Not bad for a filling meal. You can't even get a chewing gum for that price in Norway!

After that we went and had a look at a dance festival that took place, but watched only for about 15 minutes. Then we went to "Moonrakers" to have a fruit salad. There we also met another guy that stayed in same guesthouse as Hugh and Sarah, Jim from Holland. Anyway, this mightnot be so interesting to hear about. It was a great day though. It is almost impossible to not meet people now it seems.

When I was having breakfast at Moonrakers this morning Hugh came again, the place has a really great Musli and fruit salad - that is why we both go there...hehe.
Well, now Im just passing time till I catch the bus. I went to see another temple on the beach too, but it is so humid and hot today, so I prefer staying somewhere with a fan :)