India solo

Pongal and bullrace - Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Today is my last day here, tomorrow morning I am off.
Today was also the high point of Pongal. I went with Fabian into the village where Hege lives. There they had some kind of a fair and lots of people. At about 11 am there was a bull race, which was quite fun. All the bulls had their horns painted and a lot of them were also decorated with green bushes. Pretty mad. In the streets they were running with bulls and carts as well. Completely chaos.

When we were about to go back home, we found Hege. She invited us to the house of a 'family member' (the family she lived with in the village). There we had poori and sugarcane (sugarcane is the main Pongal sweet). They also made decorations with it, like we do in Norway on the national day with birch branches.

However it was VERY hectic there, so eventually I walked back to the guesthouse and had a shower and lunch. I think I had my dose of Pongal for now.

It was nice last night by the way. Some American guys and a Spanish guy had arrived and they played guitar, sang songs and also had some music with them. We sat outside for a while enjoying this.