India solo

Pre travel nevrosa - Tuesday October 16th, 2001

Im leaving tomorrow. Jihaa! Flying Ryan Air to London. There I will visit a couple of friends that I will stay with until my flight leaves for India on the 25th. Since I am flying only to London first, I don't think I really understand that I am actually going to India. I also feel a bit spaced out, like my mind has already left? Not easy to get my attention now. A very strange feeling!

On the practical side though, I have already repacked my backpack a dozen times. Having big troubles deciding if I should go with a very small pack or one that is a little bigger. In the end the small one won, but I bet I will regret this when I want to perhaps do some shopping or if I have problems parting with the books I buy and read along the way?? Well, then there is always the post office:)