India solo

Refuge in Ernakulam - Tuesday, January 29, 2002

I had a great time in Cochin. I didn't stay many days, but I met some very nice people. Especially the girl from Austria, Susi, was really great. It is almost scary how alike we were, so we will definitely keep in touch.

She is addicted to travelling as well. She is even married to an Australian guy, but still spends loads of time travelling on her own. Sounds like the perfect marriage ;)

Last evening I moved to Magda's flat in Ernakulam. ( The girl I met at the Art Cafe the other day). Ernakulam is only 30 minutes by auto from Cochi. She also works for DFID, the same organization that Sonal works for. Magda moved to India just before Christmas with her husband Mark. They are going to live at least 1 year here. However Mark is living in Hyderabad, which is really far away.

Im very happy she invited me to stay for a few days. She seems really nice and the flat is also amazing. I have my own room with bathroom, HOT SHOWER, air condition and TV. Its like getting a total break from India (which I really think I needed just now). Last night we just had a drink, some snack and watched stupid sitcoms on Star World. Im not normally a TV addict, but sometimes it actually very good ;)

This morning I got a ride with Magda into town. I needed to go to a bank and also to buy some water and food.I will soon head back though. They have an outdoor swimming pool, so I think I will go for a loong swim.