India solo

'Robbed' in London - October 25th, 2001

At the moment I am staying with a couple of friends in Bethnal Green. We went to college together so i always visit them when Im in London. It is great to be back in London again.

However I have already run into trouble. I haven't even left for India yet and already I had my bag with visa cards, mobile phone and cash stolen. I guess Im a bit too relaxed in London, it was my own fault for not paying attention. It all happend when I went for a coffee with a friend. It is a horrible feeling when you notice you have lost something. At first I panicked a bit, but managed to call and arrange for card and phone to be shut off pretty fast. Then we quickly located a police station...erm..well actually by pure luck or some kind of weird intuition I ran straight into it. I reported the the robbery and spent the rest of the day making a bunch of phone calls to the insurance company and so on. I was so happy I had insurance! Eventually I got some cash wired and everything turned out ok in the end.

Then when all this was sorted, I called to reconfirm my flight and found out that they had cancelled it!? (due to the Afghanistan conflict/war) and no one had even tried to call and let me know. I was pretty pissed off, but couldn't be bothered making a fuss about it, so I got a new flight for Saturday morning instead (2 days later).

Not much else is happening. London is a pretty expensive city to do stuff in, so we have taken it easy, watched a few movies and relaxed. I also met up with a few other friends. Anyway, no point in babbling on when there isn't that much to write about. I'll try to update whenever I can.