India solo

Stalked by cows - Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I think the cows have it in for me? One night at Om Beach I woke up by the sound of breaking branches outside my room. My the room was kind of in the bush. I got a bit terrified, my imagination started to run wild. I thought someone was staring in the window at me! It was not a real window, just a lot of holes in the concrete - a very basic room you see and the lock was sooo flimsy too! After looking more closely, I realized someone was actually staring at me, but it was just a cow- haha. I did get pretty scared though.

Last night, almost the same thing happend again. Although this time I couldn't see anything, I just heard a lot of noises outside my door. I needed to pee very badly, but the toilet was in another building 15 meters away. Due to the scary noises I didn't dare go outside until daylight appeared!

Maybe I am easily frightened, but when you are on your own things often seem more scary. When I told the owner about the sounds this morning she was like: "Ah..yes it is the stupid cow". Apparently one particular cow keeps jumping their fence and comes and makes a mess in their garbage.

In any case I decided to move down to another guesthouse closer to the beach. After having done that I went to the beach again. However, although it is very nice and peaceful here, 2 days of beach life is more than enough. Im getting bored out of my mind now. Its only old people and couples here. I have talked to some of them, really nice people, but it isn't really too much happening if you are a single traveller. It is very good for a few days though.

Yesterday on the beach I met a German guy who lives in Goa. He was on a day trip with some Indian friends and they invited me to drop by when I head north. Since their house is on the way to North Goa I will try to go and see them.