India solo

Still in Delhi - Thursday, November 22, 2001

Yes, believe it or not, im still here. The city is growing on me and since I also have made a few friends here I think it's a good place to hang about for a few days every now and then - its kind of a basecamp.

I was supposed to head up to Shimla and then Dharamshala about now, but then Sonal, the girl I'm staying with finally convinced me to come along to Pushkar (for the Camelfair) this weekend. A lot of her colleagues are coming too, so it sounds like it will be fun.

The last few days in Delhi I've spendt roaming around in a few markets and bookshops. I also got myself a new Sigma zoom (27 - 200 mm) for my SLR, so Im very excited about Pushkar. Should be an amazing place to to take photographs!

Last night Sonal had invited a few friends over, so we had some tasty Indian food and I learned how to make baby naan bread ;)