India solo

Still here - Friday, January 18, 2002

This is almost funny, but I am STILL here:) Tal, one of the American guys that came the night before, invited me for a drive on his motorbike (an Enfield) and also it was quite fun with a lot of people here, so I stayed on yet another day.

The roads here are so good for driving a bike and it was almost no traffic. We went up along the coast for a while and then explored a sidetrack that lead to a really nice and deserted beach. It was a great ride and Tal prooved the "Stupid Americans" stereotype by swimming with his moneybelt on. Hehe, well, actually he said that himself. Afterwards we went and had some lunch at the Auroville Pizzeria and then back to the Guesthouse. Hege also came a bit later and we just sat and talked for a while. The American guys, Tal and Michael (Mike) are really very funny! Anyway, gotto run. I have a bus to catch.