India solo

Terrorist attack! - Thursday, December 13, 2001

Earlier today there was a terrorist attack in the Parliament building. A little scary since I often pass that place when I go into the centre. It is also scary to think about the consequenses this will have. People seem to think it might be the Kashmiri militia or some kind of Muslim fundamentalists. Im glad that I am going south soon!

I forgot to tell about an interesting experience the other day. I had to get this shirt ironed, but the iron in the house was broken. So Sonal told me to go down on the street corner?!? I haven't really noticed them before, but they are all over, the iron men. They stand (live) on the roadside or in peoples back garden and they do ironing for anyone who needs it. The iron they use is ancient, like the ones we use for decoration at home. They fill it with burning coal and the result is actually amazing! Well, I gotto run, so this was a very brief entry;)