India solo

Update from Pushkar - Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Pushkar was great, but it started to get insanely crowded on Sunday, so Im happy I left then. I can imagine that it normally would be a very relaxing and laid back place. The lake in town, surrounded by all the Ghats was really special. I might go back here later to experience the peacefulness of the place, however I say that I want to go back to a lot of places, so I will just have too see what happens. I also ran into Eric, the Canadian I met in Rishikesh. According to him a lot of the people we met in Rishkesh where also here, although I didn't see anyone else.

I took about 8 rolls of film in Pushkar. I must have a hundred pics of camels. They are being developed now, so Im very excited to see how they will turn out! On Sunday morning me and some Swedes I met (Olav, Maria and Caroline) got up at 6 am! and went into the camel area to see the sunrise. It was beautiful.

Pushkar Lake seen from the steps at Sunset Cafe.

It is a lot easier to see sunsets though, so I think I will mostly stick to them in the future. There is an excellent place to see the sunset in town by the lake and believe it or not there is a cafe called "Sunset Cafe" just shocking....hehe....

Everywhere where there are backpackers/travellers/tourists, they call the cafes and restaurants stuff like Sunset Cafe/Sun & Moon Guesthouse/ and you also have a lot of God names, like Shiva Cafe, Laxmi Restaurant etc...and every single place claims to have the best food in town/the best view/best accommodation etc...and lets not forget the German Bakery, a must in any tourist/travellers place. Sorry, I don't mean to sound cynical here, I just find it all really funny. A lot of the places are really nice though and if you want to meet other travellers, its great to know where to go.

This week there is a Swedish Film festival in Delhi, so Sonal and I are going to see at least one of them. Funny going all the way to India to watch Swedish films :)