India solo

Vypeen Island - Sunday, February 03, 2002

I just got back here this afternoon. Yesterday morning Magda and me went to Vypeen Island for a little excursion. We hadn't booked anything and didn't really know much about available accommodation, but we went to Cherai beach (it is about 1 hour horrendous bus ride from the ferry landing). After some discussion with a few locals we decided to go to a place called Seamen's Cottage.

It was a bit away from the main beach and it was really nice and quiet. They had only 4 rooms, the other people staying there were 2 British guys, an old French man and an Irish couple. They were all very nice, but we talked mostly with the Irish couple, because the others were mostly away. We spendt most og the time reading, talking and swimming. However it was cloudy both days, so no point in sunbathing.

This afternoon we took the "crazy" bus back to the ferry and went over to Fort Cochin, to have lunch at the Art Cafe, BUT it closed early on Sundays - buhuuuuu. I wanted to find a new room there, so we looked around a few places, but everything seemed full. Therefore we went to another cafe to have a drink and a think, but the service was sooooo slow, so after a while we decided to go elsewhere.

Just when we were leaving, we ran into Tal, one of the American guys I met in Auroville. He knew a few places and told me where to go. I got a really nice place in the end! After having a very late lunch with Magda, she went back to Ernakulam. I left a few things behind at her flat though, so I will meet her again on Tuesday, when Im taking the night train to Mangalore.