India solo

War? - Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Im still here and its been really good so far. I have done a lot of reading and swimming.

Yesterday I also met a girl from the village, Amsa and a German guy, Ralph. Ralph is a friend of Amsa. I went to Amsa's "house" for both lunch and dinner and it was good having some company for a change. She lives in the poor part of the village in a small mud building with thatched roof. I guess talking to tourists is a way for her to practise English and also a way to get some cash. She is very friendly, but in a way she also takes advantage and actually asked to borrow a little money that I knew I would never get back. She wanted to buy a moped so she could rent it to all the people visiting Auroville. I thought it was not a bad plan, so I helped out a little. However for me it was not so much money and it was interesting so see life from another perspective and hopefully be able to help a bit.

There is quite some tension between India and Pakistan at the moment. They have both armed the borders to its teeth! I am a bit worried about what to do 'should I stay or should I go' ? Most Indians I talk to have a VERY relaxed view on the situation, but all friends and family back home and elsewhere are urging me to leave India. So obviously I am a little confused as of what to do, but at the moment I have decided to wait here for a few days and see how the situation evolves!

By the way, some cool old ladies are staying at the place I am staying. I don't know there age, but probably around 60-70, both grey and white haired! It is fun to see that people at that age travel budget style. They have also rented one moped each and I see them racing about the place all the time :)