India solo

Working life in Delhi - October 31th, 2001

I got myself a little job while I am waiting for my visa cards to come through. Sonal works at DFID (Department for International Development), a British Organisation and Im going to help out with some design stuff for a few weeks! It sounds like a great challenge!
Im in their office at the moment actually, been working most of the day.

I have to tell what happend when I arrived at the office though. Since I came from Peters house and will move to Sonal's place from now on I had all my luggage with me. Due to september 11th and Afghanistan and this being a British office building the security was on high alert. I had to basically empty EVERY item in my luggage out for inseption.(!) They used ages to inspect it. In the end Sonal had to come out and clear me through :)

Yesterday was a also crazy day. I feel like half of Delhi's population is part of a massive conspiracy to scam foreigners (which in fact might not be too far from the truth..hehe)

Not that I did get scammed, but EVERY person I talked to was just making up the most incredible stories and of course every person tells us that it is the other person that is a liar! All we wanted to do was buy a train ticket, which apparently is not a task to take lightly in this city. Oh God, my trust in humanbeings had a major breakdown.