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1000 km²
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September - April
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Summer: 30 - 45 degrees
Winter: 15 - 5 degrees
Monsoon: May to September
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Chandigarh lies between the states of Punjab and Haryana and works as the capital for both of them. Chandigarh is just 248 kilometer from New Delhi. It is located in the foothills of the Shivaliks and provides many tourist spots both within the city and around. It is the only Indian city that have been designed and planned by one single architect – Le Corbusier.

The city lies in the valley surrounded by the Shiwalik Hills. From here you can travel north to the hill resorts of Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dharmashala and Dalhousie. Chandigarh is said to be the most modern city in the country.

How to get here

Flights operate to and from Delhi and other major cities.

Rail & bus
Operate to and from all major cities.

Places to visit

Rock Garden - Zakir Rose Garden - Fragrance Garden - Bougainvilla Garden

.: Rock Garden
A garden consisting of art objects made from industrial and urban waste. It is an impressive statement showing the possibility of finding beauty in the bizarre. It also expresses the fragility of the environment. In additon t is a community's testament of appreciation for art.

Chandigarh owes its name to an ancient temple of Chandi, the goddess of power.

.: Zakir Rose Garden
Asia's largest rose garden. 50,000 rose-bushes of 1600 species bloom here. Every year,arpunf February/March, a big festival , the Rose Festival, is celebrated at this garden. More than 20,000 people normally .

.: Fragrance Garden
Asia's largest rose garden, spread over 30 acres of land. Here bloom 50,000 rose-bushes of 1600 species. These have been planted beautifully carved out lawns and flowers beds. Every year, either at the end of February or beginning of March, a big festival known as Rose Festival, is celebrated at this garden. Over 20,000 people visit this festival.

Chandigarh - The city of gardens

.: Bougainvilla Garden
A garden devoted to hundreds of bougainvillea varieties. The creepers cover a wide assortment of arches, bowers, pavilions and arcades. The annual Bougainvillea Show is held here.