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21 million
135,100 km²
Chattisgarh, tribal dialects, Hindi, English

Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
Time to visit
September - Februar
Climate (°C)
Summer: about 45 degrees
Winter: about 10 degrees


A brand new addition to the Indian family of states, Chattisgarh is the culmination of the hopes and desires of an indigenous people marginalized, neglected and overlooked only because they dwell in the back of beyond, hidden away deep in the heartland of Central India.

Chattisgarh is situated in the central part of India. It is bounded by Andhra Pradesh on the south, Orissa on the east, Maharastra on the south west and Jharkhand state on north west. Carved out of the state of Madhya Pradesh, the state of Chattisgarh is the 27th state of India. It has 36 garhs or forts, so the name - Chattisgarh.

How to get here

Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, is the only place in the state that is linked by air to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Nagpur by regular Indian Airlines flights.

Raipur and Bilaspur are the two main junctions that are on the routes of express and passenger trains that either directly or indirectly connect the state to other parts of India.

Interstate State Roadways buses ply between different cities while chartered bus operators run services on the major routes.

Places to visit

.: Raipur
As the capital city of the fledgling state of Chattisgarh, Raipur has regained some of its lost glory. King Ram Chandra of the Kalchuri dynasty established the city of Raipur in the 14th century, Raipur was the nerve centre of the kingdoms of the regon from where successive kings easily controlled the many fortresses in the Chattisgarh region.

The state has 36 garhs (forts), so the name - Chattisgarh.

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