Daman & Diu

102 000
1000 km²
Gujarati and Marathi

Christianity major religion, Hinduism, Islam
Time to visit
September - May
Climate (°C)
Daman: mild and humid climate
Diu: hot
Map Location


Daman and Diu are two districts that form one of the Union Territories of India. These two districts are 792 kilometres apart.


Close to Mumbai, but still far away from the crazy crowds, 'Daman' is a Portuguese enclave. A picturesque port town and a popular getaway for the inhabitants of Mumbai. Located on the west coast, Daman has been the home away from home for the Portuguese untill it was liberated in 1961 and became a part of the Indian Union.


Also a Portuguese colony, like Goa. Diu is an island on the western coast, off the Gulf of Cambay. It is a beautiful and secluded island about 786 km from Daman. The island has a coastal length of 21 km and is about 11 km long and 3 km wide. It is connected to the mainland by two bridges. One is near Tad vilage and the other near Ghoghla village in Gujarat.

How to get here (Daman)

Mumbai airport

Most of the Express and Passenger trains from Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus to Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad and Delhi stop at Vapi, where the traveler to Daman must get off.

Buses from Mumbai to Ashmedabad and Saurashtra pass through Vapi.

How to get here (Diu)

Gujarat Airways is operating a daily flight between Mumbai and Diu.

Nearest rail station is Veraval. From Diu train service is available from Veraval to Rajkot and Ahmedabad.

Regular busesare operate from Diu, Ghoghla and Una to various cities in Gujarat.

Places to visit

Diu Town

.: Diu Town
Diu Town is protected by the fort in the east and a wall in the west. Fishermen make daily trips from the north coast by wooden boats. A few churches built by the former European inhabitants are still in use, although the Christian population is decreasing. The Church of St. Thomas is now a museum which lies to the north of St. Pauls.


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