Lushai & Aizawl
690 000
21,000 km²
Mizo, English

Best time to visit
Year round.
Climate (°C)
Pleasant and cool in summer and not very cold in winter. Heavy rain from May to September


Mizoram is a treasure - a potpourri of natural beauty, with its emerald valleys, gurgling streamss, amazing fields of blooms and a teeming fauna population.The third youngest state of the Indian Union, Mizoram is perched on the high hills of the north eastern corner of India.

Mizoram, has international boundaries with Myanmar and Bangladesh while it shares its domestic borders with the states of Assam, Manipur and Tripura. Mizoram's highest peak 'The Blue Mountain' rises to a height of 2165 metres.


Mizos, the people of Mizoram, are primarily, cultivators. The word Mizo means highlander, a collective name given by their neighbours to a number of tribes which settled in the region.They are originally believed to have come from North-Western China around three centuries ago. Almost all festivals of Mizoram are connected with agricultural activities. Mizoram has a high literacy rate of 87 %, surpassed only by the state of Kerala. Most of the Mizos are Christians and speak Mizo and English.

How to get here

There is daily Vayudoot air service between Calcutta and Aizawl.

Silchar, at a distance of 180 kms from Aizawlis the closest railstation.

Buses run by the Mizoram State Transport ply regularly between Silchar and Aizawl.

To enter Mizoram, all people apart from Government employees, must obtain a Inner Line pass from the Liaison Officer, Government of Mizoram, at Silchar or Calcutta.

Places to visit

Aizawl - The Cultural Sub-Centre - State Museum - Tamdil - Vantawng Falls - Champhai - Phawngpui

.: Aizawl
The capital is perched at an altitude of 4000 ft. above sea level. It is accessible from Shillong, Guwahati and Silchar by bus, road and car.It stands on a high ridge, fringed on the east by the sylvan valley of the river Tlawng and on the north bounded by the craggy hills of Durtlang.

The word Mizo means highlander.

.: The Cultural Sub-Centre
This cultural centre has been set up on a beautiful hill range, to the north of Aizawl, with the most modern recreational facilities.

.: State Museum
The State Museum at Macdonald's Hill houses historical relics, ancient costumes and traditional implements.

.: Tamdil
85 kms from Aizawl, near Saituai village, is the wonderful lake of Tamdil, an ideal picnic - spot. The lake boasts of fine boating facilities.

.: Vantawng Falls
137 kms from Aizawl and 5 kms from the town of Thenzawl are the largest and most magnificent falls in Mizoram, the Vantawng Falls. The waterfall is 750 feet high and is surrounded by a lush forest teeming with bamboo groves.

.: Champhai
204 kms from Aizawl, at the other end of Mizoram, is Champhai, the subdivisional headquarters, which affords a fantastic view of the Myanmar hills.

.: Phawngpui
Known as the 'Blue Mountain', Phawngpui is the highest peak in Mizoram. With splendid trees and flowers of all hues, Phawngpui presents a fairytale view of the blue hazed hills.

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