West Bengal

Kolkata (Calcutta)
68 078 000
89,000 km²
Bengali, Hindi

Best time to visit
October - March
Climate (°C)
Summer: 42 - 38 degrees
Winter: 30 - 10 degrees


West Bengal is a land of varied charms. Right from the mighty Himalayas in the north to the sea-caressed beaches in the south, it is a wonderful journey over the vardant plains, hilly terrains, forests and the wonderful mangrove forests - the Sunderbans. It is also a wonder-filled journey through the rich cultural treasures of the state.

How to get here

Calcutta (Kolkata) is the nearest airport. From your you can fly to most places bot inside India and overseas.

Kolkata is linked to all parts of the country by railway network. There are two main railway stations - Howrah and Sealdah.

Buses connect most major cities.

Places to visit

Kolkata - Darjeeling - Siliguri - Kalimpong - Kali Temple - Sundarban - Shantiniketan

.: Kolkata (Calcutta)
If Delhi is the elegant capital of the nation and Bombay its major industrial city, then Calcutta ranks as the intellectual and cultural capital. Poets, thinkers and film directors of international renown hail from this city where avant garde plays and art exhibitions go on show practically every day of the year.

Once known as "Pragiyotishpura" or Light of the East, the most striking feature of Guwahati, is the Brahmaputra, whose swollen sandy channel is so wide that the far shore is often rendered invisible.

.: Darjeeling
Darjeeling popularly known as the "Queens of Hill Stations" offers a picturesque view of the Himalayan panorama. Darjeeling is famous for tea gardens, magnificent view of the Himalayas, Kanchenjunga peak, beautiful valleys, trekking to high altitude and famous toy train.
Darjeeling is at the altitude of 2134 metres.

.: Kalimpong
A picturesque town is situated 51km. east of Darjeeling. The town is set among the foothills and deep. Valleys of Himalayas between the Deolo and Durbindra hills. Previously it was the former headquarter of Bhutanese Governor. Kalimpong is an ideal and attractive place for a quiet holiday at the foot of mighty Himalayas.

.: Kali Temple
The present temple was built in 1809 on the site of an ancient temple. It is also known as the Kalighat temple. It is after the name of this temple that the English christened the place, Calcutta, an anglicized form of Kalikata.

.: Sundarban
it's a mangrove sanctuary in the south of west Bengal. Famous for Royal Bengal Tigers, it's an experience in itself to catch them in action. For more information, check here.

.: Shantiniketan
Home of Visvabharati University established by Tagore. There's a deer and bird sanctuary nearby.

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